A new ambition!

So apparently, I’m stupid because you can make money off of this blog. Stephen recently blew some smoke in my face and told me that any website with enough traffic could make money. How stupid is that?! I don’t know how much I can make off of an actor’s blog, but it’s worth checking out I guess. I’ve been getting some help on the SEO end from this company called socialagencyinc.com; I didn’t know there was so much info to be thought about when I post. Luckily they tell me that I can just post whatever I want, and they will work around my inconsistencies, sounds like the owners might be my parents.

So my parents have come and gone, it was nice to see them and have them subtly criticize my lifestyle and choices. But it could be worse; it could have been nice weather.

This is what my parents think it looks like here 365 days a year.
This is what my parents think it looks like here 365 days a year.

The entire time they were complaining about how they thought something was wrong with the A/C at their place, and so they thought they’d escape to New York where it’s always cold. I don’t think they know how seasons work.

I’m having tons of fun at acting school. And at the same time not. I really love getting into roles and doing amazing things as these characters but at the same time apparently, I’m not supposed to !(?) It’s a very confusing process,

Micah should be a police officer instead.
Micah should be a police officer instead.

Micah is trying to keep me in line and inspire while I keep doing what I’m doing but it’s hard. He says there’s a fine line between acting for me and acting for the audience and that I need to learn it.

But it’s all very confusing because one teacher says that I don’t do enough, and another teacher says I do too much. I take what this Mamet guy wrote, which is just say the lines as fast as possible apparently! I think I like it better; he writes that the action should be in the lines being read; you can feel the lines, not try and feel your emotions and drag who you are and what your emotions are into this drama.

My sister wrote me a letter; she’s crazy. Who reads letters? Anyway, she wrote me a letter and it smelled like her which annoys me, she knows my throat gets irritated if I smell any of the skunk juice that she shoots on herself. But she says she’s good, and that school is going well for her and that she needs money! She needs money! Here I am starving, trying to eat a nice dinner with a pretty girl, and she is asking me for money! Why not ask Kamran?! Is it because you knocked out his tooth when you were 14 and never apologized for it?

Okay, so I’ve saved up money. The good news is that we go out tonight, the other good news is that I look really thin and attractive now. The bad news is, it’s because I haven’t eaten in a while. I swear if it weren’t for Clif Bars I would be dead by now. But I’m so excited for tonight that I can’t even feel the pain anymore.

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