Another Step Closer!

Hey again. It’s been a while since really sitting down to the blog post; a lot has happened recently. For example, my sister has recently received her grades, and she aced every class! Our parents helped her out by letting her go up to Boston for a weekend; she got to see some of her favorite bands and stay in fancy hotels. Apparently, she went to some cool theater called the Boston Pops.All the images she could upload ! I have no idea what that is, but some of the pictures she posted were absolutely jaw dropping. Most of the stages in New York are modest.

My brother recently overcame some financial troubles, and we all flew out to see him and have dinner. He started a company, and it finally started to post profits this month, so he wanted to have a littler celebration. Then he and my father got into an argument about what is fiscally responsible and what isn’t, one assured the other that they were right and the other advised. How my brother thinks he looks!Mom and I just kept staring at each other shaking our head. I looked over to the absent seat of where my sister should have been. It’s like all of her rewards are about removing her from the family.

My father, in the even greater news, recently started working again and in a better field. He now works for as a manager over a sewer cleaning company. He seems very happy with it, but my mother doesn’t seem too fond of it. She’s scared of the danger that might go with the job. That conversation just turned into the usual “You worry too much!” “I don’t worry enough!” The conversation sounds better if you hear me imitate them, I promise you it’s funny.

In other news, I finished my first semester in acting college, did fairly well, and they sent me a congratulations card. Clearly, there is no favoritism in this household. But whatever, I get to live in the greatest city in the world! I recently discovered the Brooklyn Academy of Music and they do some crazy cool stuff almost every week! They have great shows, a great movie theater and a whole mess of other stuff.

Things…. regrettably ended between me and Michelle (the mysterious girl.) Now it’s just me and Micah kind of lifestyle. We hang out, talk shop, try to get better at acting. It’s good; he’s helped me through a lot. It is a little tough at times playing the third wheel between him and the girl he is seeing, but he doesn’t seem that into her so who knows how long that will turn out for.

As for me… I’m okay; I’m just going to keep working until I’m able to make it happen in this crazy world. It’s weird to try and audition for roles when everyone else looks like you and might be better. I’ll just have to better myself. #inspirational.

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