Can I be somebody else?

So a couple of my friends have found out that I have this blog (Hi Micah and Stephen!) They think it’s pretty cool, so I guess I’ll keep it. Well Micah thinks it’s cool, Stephen tells me I should get a blogger or a Tumblr, but I’m no good with pictures or themes and all that. I just want a place that I can write at, and I feel like this is that place. It was really funny too how it happened,

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Stephen just looked at me and went “What’s Pinewood Records?” I’ll never tell him why it’s named that (mwahaha)

So they are encouraging me to pursue writing here. Which I thought was odd, it’s not like I can make money off of this, in fact, I’m spending money. Most of the background work for this site came from a cool graphic design company that my brother knows from his time in college. It’s called and they have been helping me a lot with this and at a discount which I thought was super cool of them. Haven’t heard from the sister recently, though from what I can tell she is living it up and not starving financially unlike me.

So we went to that pizza place, and that was pretty good, I’m not going to life, but I have a special place in my heart for the 1 dollar pizza slices near St.Marks Place. Oh, my god, it is quite a delicious slice. Well…. maybe not delicious but certainly in my price range, which is really what we should be looking at this point.

I love my teachers in the program. Most of them have that New York State of Mind about them where they can be just kind of drift in and out of the places. I hope one day I can do that, kind of stand just out enough to be noticed, but just not enough to be cool and mysterious.

I recently got off the phone with my mother and father, and they tell me they are coming to visit me in New York! I’m excited, but I can’t help but feel that they are just looking for a vacation amongst themselves so that they can

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escape the South Florida heat right now. We’ll see just how well they can escape it when they deal with the heat blocks that happens in between the buildings!

I recently have hunkered myself down with a bunch of books; apparently, I’m a fool for not knowing who David Mamet is, so I picked up a bunch of his stuff, and I’ve begun writing him. This guy is very good at writing, not sure what he means at times and I certainly don’t approve of the way he speaks about certain people.

Also…. sly update, that girl likes me back, we are going out next week. Hopefully, I can see if I can scrape some money together to take her somewhere nice, I’m probably going to skip breakfast for a few days.

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Johnny PinewoodMy name is Johnny Pinewood, and together with my partner in crime, Linda Lovejoy, we became an iconic singer/songwriter and started our own record company. Let us know what you think.

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