sunny isle

I have been spending my time in and out of Miami over the past few weeks. No particular reason but I happened to meet this guy who does realty down here and I’ve been crashing at his place in Sunny Isles. I didn’t even know what sunny isles was a few weeks ago. But I go to this club and end up spending most of my time hanging with this dude on a couch instead of moving around and dancing, to be fair, I wasn’t really into the music they were playing either. Anyway, he says he liked my style and wanted to know if I wanted to make some money on the weekends as a real estate agent and the next thing I know he asks me what I know about sunny isles. What do you think I said? “What’s a sunny isle?”

big loft

Then this guy, theatrical to a point. He points at the ground, there’s this dingy torn up tile that my converse sneakers are resting on. “What if I told you that where your feet are on are worth is fifteen hundred dollars?” First thing I thought of was David Guettas red spiked converse, then I realized he was talking about the broken tile.

He tells me that there is this place that he sells exclusively in Sunny Isles for the 1% called Chateau’s Beach Residences, or for those who love perfect alliteration, Chateau Condos. ???? He needs someone who’s from New York to take his client’s out and schmooze them with New York stuff. So when these people aren’t walking around in this beautiful beachside resort in million dollar homes, they’re up in New York feeling rustic as I teach them how to slum it. I kid you not these entrepreneurs loved the idea of ‘second-acting’ and said it was the first time they had felt danger in a long time. What are they gonna do throw us out? =

So anyway, here I am, coasting in a gorgeous hotel in Sunny Isles, looking up more information about these chateau beach residencies. I don’t think I’m going to be able to learn enough about it, but at some point I might earn commission. Now am I going to beg and screw up this gig? No, of course not, come on. But man are these places nice. I keep reading up on these sites like The Brosda & Bentley Team, classy place, I am 100% I will never get to live in a location like the one’s they offer and it is a crazy cool area.dirty tile

But I like to think, what are the chances I could stay their for a weekend? Just make up some sort of deal so that when the time comes I can treat myself to some chateau condos? I just dream about it now. My life up north is just fizzling away, I feel like I’m choking when I’m in my apartment now. Checking out these cool pictures and wondering to myself “Am I ever going to be enough” that I can afford to be in a place like that, to be a person who could live in a place like that?

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Walked out of Carlyle, ended up in Miami!

Hellooooooo Miami! I’m back home (sort of) for the weekend! My parents wanted to see me and talk to me about how my classes are going, but they booked the wrong flight! I should be north of Orlando, but instead, I’m in Miami! (For those of you not in the know, Miami is like 5 hours south of Orlando.) AwesomeSo luckily, I sweet talked my parents into letting me stay down here for the night, and they got me a fancy rental from http://royalstaysmiami.com/ ! Now who gets to be the spoiled child?! …. For one night but still.

Only down side is that apparently, I’m going to miss seeing my sister. She must be in magic school because on Friday she was in New York and now she’s in Florida and no one knows how. Good for her, being able to travel so much on such a modest budget. Certainly there’s no way that she can share the wealth with me.

My brother offered me a job for when I get out of acting school, and it is such a sharp question. I know that right now any source of steady income sounds like an absolute miracle. But at the same time, I don’t want to move to the middle of nowhere, everyone agrees it’s either Los Angeles or New York. There is no in between. I mean technically South Florida has some stuff going on, but that doesn’t count.

I don’t know; it’s hard to say that when right now I’m lying in a king sized bed with the most sheets and blankets I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve got like 28 dollars (somewhere around there), and I am going to burn it all tonight, I’m going to one club and buying a bottle of water, and I’m going just to lose my mind! I get to be in Miami for the night, unsupervised, anything could happen. I have a friend I grew up with who tells me that he is going to Club Space tonight and that he’d buy me a drink if I came to hang out. He seems pretty cool, grew up to be a hyped up kind of guy like Flavor Flav.

In other news, I did bring my books, and I should probably study some of these plays tonight. I don’t want to do poorly on my midterms coming up. I have to memorize and choreograph a speech from Hamlet. But it’s got nothing to do with Hamlet. It has everything to do with actors and acting. It’s called ‘speak the speech’ and apparently, it’s pretty famous. I am just god awful at Shakespeare is all. Like seriously, I suck at doing the whole blank verse thing. I wish it were just blank instead.

I am getting texts from Michelle and Stephen. Just another face in a crowdApparently, Michelle got her heart broken and wants to hang out. Apparently, Stephen is bored now and wants to hang out. Not sure how to take the whole ordeal, I’m just going to enjoy my night and deal with that whole mess of crazy when I get back. Instead, let me enjoy this mess of crazy. I’m out of here.

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Not brokeback mountain

Hey again, so me and Micah have been up to a lot lately, working hard making sure that we are up to snuff with memorizations and getting the lines down by rote and all that stuff. Not brokeback mountainIt’s fun; I think I’m in a good place. We can separate some money to go drinking every once in a while and he’s reminding me why I love being here. To be somebody else, it’s just so refreshing to take a moment and try to empathize with people who are not you. It makes a radical change to the way you view the world when you can step outside of yourself for just one moment and pretend to be someone else.

Things are going well between my mother and my father; they are getting ready to relocate somewhere north of where they are now, one of the suburbs or something like that. They were telling me about how http://herculesmp.com/ really helped them make the move super easy. I and my brother were concerned because we know my dad isn’t in the best of shape to be moving anything more than himself right now, so it’s nice that they were able to hire a moving company.

My brother is doing great too; he’s been secretly sending me care packages, and it’s helped a lot. Trying to find a job up here while also being a full-time student is super hard. It’s hard to imagine how anybody would be able to do such a thing while fully giving themselves to the craft. Haven’t talked to my sister in a while which isn’t surprising really. She’s off in her world doing her own thing at this point. New York will do that to you.

I haven’t talked to Stephen in a while. He and Michelle seem to be really happy with each other. It hurts a little bit, but you know it kinda ties back into what I was saying earlier. It’s nice to step out and see it for what it is. They’re happy together, and I care about both of them. I shouldn’t try and be possessive about the two of them; they’re my friends above anything else, and I think we should all learn to forgive. Now if only I can convince Micah of that too. He still seems pretty torn up about it, but he was raised differently is all, some things are unshakeable I suppose.

I’m making great progress in school; I’m working on this play called ‘Proof.’ Me memorizing stuffApparently, it’s about math, but I wouldn’t believe such a thing is reading it, it doesn’t seem to be about math at all. But it’s pretty cool; I think the main character is crazy, but Micah seems convinced that the girl’s father came back from the dead. I don’t know; it’s pretty crazy, though. I have a kissing scene with one of my classmates; it shouldn’t be a big deal, but everyone in the class is making it seem like it is. Come on guys; it’s just lips on lips, not a big deal.

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Another Step Closer!

Hey again. It’s been a while since really sitting down to the blog post; a lot has happened recently. For example, my sister has recently received her grades, and she aced every class! Our parents helped her out by letting her go up to Boston for a weekend; she got to see some of her favorite bands and stay in fancy hotels. Apparently, she went to some cool theater called the Boston Pops.All the images she could upload ! I have no idea what that is, but some of the pictures she posted were absolutely jaw dropping. Most of the stages in New York are modest.

My brother recently overcame some financial troubles, and we all flew out to see him and have dinner. He started a company, and it finally started to post profits this month, so he wanted to have a littler celebration. Then he and my father got into an argument about what is fiscally responsible and what isn’t, one assured the other that they were right and the other advised. How my brother thinks he looks!Mom and I just kept staring at each other shaking our head. I looked over to the absent seat of where my sister should have been. It’s like all of her rewards are about removing her from the family.

My father, in the even greater news, recently started working again and in a better field. He now works for http://www.vac-con.com/ as a manager over a sewer cleaning company. He seems very happy with it, but my mother doesn’t seem too fond of it. She’s scared of the danger that might go with the job. That conversation just turned into the usual “You worry too much!” “I don’t worry enough!” The conversation sounds better if you hear me imitate them, I promise you it’s funny.

In other news, I finished my first semester in acting college, did fairly well, and they sent me a congratulations card. Clearly, there is no favoritism in this household. But whatever, I get to live in the greatest city in the world! I recently discovered the Brooklyn Academy of Music and they do some crazy cool stuff almost every week! They have great shows, a great movie theater and a whole mess of other stuff.

Things…. regrettably ended between me and Michelle (the mysterious girl.) Now it’s just me and Micah kind of lifestyle. We hang out, talk shop, try to get better at acting. It’s good; he’s helped me through a lot. It is a little tough at times playing the third wheel between him and the girl he is seeing, but he doesn’t seem that into her so who knows how long that will turn out for.

As for me… I’m okay; I’m just going to keep working until I’m able to make it happen in this crazy world. It’s weird to try and audition for roles when everyone else looks like you and might be better. I’ll just have to better myself. #inspirational.

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Living in Paradise!

Things are going great between the mysterious lady and me! We have been going out to all these low budget places together. We’ve gone through the Staten Island ferry which was awesome because we accidentally passed the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to see a Shakespeare in the Park performance.

But more importantly, we were waiting in line for a few hours, and she fell asleep on my shoulder. She’s amazing.

Stephen and Micah got in a fight about something, and they aren’t talking to me about it for some reason. Micah has just told me that we should go out and get a drink, so we are going to be doing that tonight, I don’t know, it seems a little too high school for me. When I asked Stephen about it, he just offered me smoke and said: “Doesn’t matter man, we’re brothers, Micah will come around.” For actors, they sure can be dramatic.

It’s weird because when I’m not with them, I’m with my lady friend and things are cool, we’re slowly making our way through The Office, which show is crazy funny. I love all the antics that happen on the show; we’ve started to take up the same space slowly. I went ahead and gave her a key to the room; sometimes I’ll get in there, and she’ll be watching an episode without me!

My parents recently called me talking about how my father was trying to cook bacon of all things (I don’t think they’re allowed to eat bacon) and how he accidentally cause a grease fire, so they had to extinguish the flames, and they’re smoke alarm didn’t even go off! What is going on in that house?! So my sister did some research on them and got them set up with this http://www.safeinc.com/ company that specializes in fire alarms and security systems. Fire Alarms!My dad kept bragging about what a great deal it was and what a great package they had found. My mother was more intent on trying to ask me about how my day was going and who I went on a date with and if I’m eating well, I look peckish on my Facebook posts, I’m fine mom, I know you’re reading this.

Things have been going well in school. They have us picking scenes from movies to be doing so I took one from this movie, there’s a great scene that Stephen wants to do with me, and I’ve never done a scene with him before. The movie is called “the vicious kind” and he told me not to watch it, just take the scene for its value. So that’s cool, I’m going to listen to him.

Outside of that, it’s been pretty great so far. They have us doing yoga classes, dance classes; I got to pick up a sword in stage combat. It’s been a crazy amount of stuff in what seems like such a small amount of time. But you know what they say about this city, if you’re not on the move, you’re not moving fast enough!

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Tonight is the Night!

Today was great in class. Apparently, I gave such a convincing performance that I made one of my classmate’s cries! It was great up until I found out that she was just unable to handle it because I reminded her of her friend who died when she was growing up. So…. good for me? I don’t know man, some of these actor types are crazy. Except for Micah, Stephen yeah, that guy smokes way too much to be happy.

Speaking of Stephen. Apparently, the guy got a job managing a club, who puts Stephen in charge of anything?! I swear if that guy weren’t such a sweet talker I wouldn’t believe he was able to do anything correctly. Micah spends his weekends on street corners with his guitar doing acoustic covers of pop songs on the radio. He wishes I'd post his pictureSo far he hasn’t been served with a cease so good for him. Maybe one day he can make it big on accident like all the other professionals. I need to find a job.

So my parents happened to have their air conditioning crap out on them. They called me every day to tell me about how hot it is until the guys from http://www.waychoffsac.com/ helped them by installing a new air conditioning unit. Now they call me to tell me about how cold it is; it’s like they’re living in New York. I just keep screaming into the phone “That’s not how the weather works mom!” Then I sneak in an I love you and thanks for letting me live in new York.

So we had our first out of class assignment today. We were told to buy a notebook (the pain) and go to a park or a public space and ‘people watch.’ This is where you just watch people doing people things, but then you write it down so that you can assimilate them into a role that you need to do. So I know that we are going to do Richard the third sometime in the future, so I’ve been making a note to watch people with broken legs. It made me feel bad; I felt like I was exploiting them in some way. But, it’s supposed to help make my job easier when I’m in the classroom, so that’s cool I guess.

Yeah, that pretty much covers everything… oh…. you want to know how the date went? Well, I supposed I can divulge that she kissed me! Or I kissed her; we kissed each other! It was great, we went to this subtle cafe called Cafe Lalo, and we had this little cup of coffee and a couple of pieces of pie together.Coffee and Cake I dressed up as fancy as I could even though I totally had mac and cheese for dinner and did not feel very fancy myself. But then we just kept talking and talking until somebody bumped me and suggested I move. Then we went outside, stood underneath a lamp post, held each other in our arms, and we kissed. Oh yeah!

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A new ambition!

So apparently, I’m stupid because you can make money off of this blog. Stephen recently blew some smoke in my face and told me that any website with enough traffic could make money. How stupid is that?! I don’t know how much I can make off of an actor’s blog, but it’s worth checking out I guess. I’ve been getting some help on the SEO end from this company called socialagencyinc.com; I didn’t know there was so much info to be thought about when I post. Luckily they tell me that I can just post whatever I want, and they will work around my inconsistencies, sounds like the owners might be my parents.

So my parents have come and gone, it was nice to see them and have them subtly criticize my lifestyle and choices. But it could be worse; it could have been nice weather.

The entire time they were complaining about how they thought something was wrong with the A/C at their place, and so they thought they’d escape to New York where it’s always cold. I don’t think they know how seasons work.

I’m having tons of fun at acting school. And at the same time not. I really love getting into roles and doing amazing things as these characters but at the same time apparently, I’m not supposed to !(?) It’s a very confusing process,

Micah is trying to keep me in line and inspire while I keep doing what I’m doing but it’s hard. He says there’s a fine line between acting for me and acting for the audience and that I need to learn it.

But it’s all very confusing because one teacher says that I don’t do enough, and another teacher says I do too much. I take what this Mamet guy wrote, which is just say the lines as fast as possible apparently! I think I like it better; he writes that the action should be in the lines being read; you can feel the lines, not try and feel your emotions and drag who you are and what your emotions are into this drama.

My sister wrote me a letter; she’s crazy. Who reads letters? Anyway, she wrote me a letter and it smelled like her which annoys me, she knows my throat gets irritated if I smell any of the skunk juice that she shoots on herself. But she says she’s good, and that school is going well for her and that she needs money! She needs money! Here I am starving, trying to eat a nice dinner with a pretty girl, and she is asking me for money! Why not ask Kamran?! Is it because you knocked out his tooth when you were 14 and never apologized for it?

Okay, so I’ve saved up money. The good news is that we go out tonight, the other good news is that I look really thin and attractive now. The bad news is, it’s because I haven’t eaten in a while. I swear if it weren’t for Clif Bars I would be dead by now. But I’m so excited for tonight that I can’t even feel the pain anymore.

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Can I be somebody else?

So a couple of my friends have found out that I have this blog (Hi Micah and Stephen!) They think it’s pretty cool, so I guess I’ll keep it. Well Micah thinks it’s cool, Stephen tells me I should get a blogger or a Tumblr, but I’m no good with pictures or themes and all that. I just want a place that I can write at, and I feel like this is that place. It was really funny too how it happened,

1943221 - medical files

Stephen just looked at me and went “What’s Pinewood Records?” I’ll never tell him why it’s named that (mwahaha)

So they are encouraging me to pursue writing here. Which I thought was odd, it’s not like I can make money off of this, in fact, I’m spending money. Most of the background work for this site came from a cool graphic design company that my brother knows from his time in college. It’s called agraphicadvantage.com and they have been helping me a lot with this and at a discount which I thought was super cool of them. Haven’t heard from the sister recently, though from what I can tell she is living it up and not starving financially unlike me.

So we went to that pizza place, and that was pretty good, I’m not going to life, but I have a special place in my heart for the 1 dollar pizza slices near St.Marks Place. Oh, my god, it is quite a delicious slice. Well…. maybe not delicious but certainly in my price range, which is really what we should be looking at this point.

I love my teachers in the program. Most of them have that New York State of Mind about them where they can be just kind of drift in and out of the places. I hope one day I can do that, kind of stand just out enough to be noticed, but just not enough to be cool and mysterious.

I recently got off the phone with my mother and father, and they tell me they are coming to visit me in New York! I’m excited, but I can’t help but feel that they are just looking for a vacation amongst themselves so that they can

All around me

escape the South Florida heat right now. We’ll see just how well they can escape it when they deal with the heat blocks that happens in between the buildings!

I recently have hunkered myself down with a bunch of books; apparently, I’m a fool for not knowing who David Mamet is, so I picked up a bunch of his stuff, and I’ve begun writing him. This guy is very good at writing, not sure what he means at times and I certainly don’t approve of the way he speaks about certain people.

Also…. sly update, that girl likes me back, we are going out next week. Hopefully, I can see if I can scrape some money together to take her somewhere nice, I’m probably going to skip breakfast for a few days.

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New days in a New Place

Some of my first days in the big city. So far I’ve met a few good friends that I think I will get to enjoy their company. They love my name and often ask me about what life was like in Iran. I tell them if they’ve seen the movie Persepolis, then they surely know what it is like. Some of them have! Which was very surprising to me. I never knew that so many people would have seen foreign films.

It’s a good thing that I decided to go to acting school because for every one man I meet there are three girls! It is so cool to meet so many people from so many different places too. Most of the women here have told me that they are from Nebraska or Illinois. Most of them have never even seen the beach before! We all decided to get to know each other we would all go down to Bleecker Street Pizza because it is supposed to be the best pizza in New York (we will see….) There’s someone that I like a lot; I won’t name names in case she finds out I have this blog!

2307902 - slice of pepperoni pizza being removed from whole pizza with tomatoes in background. isolated on black background.

I should have looked up the prices to things before I moved up here, I would have brought everything with me! It’s true what they say about New York “Twenties are ones here.” Everything is so expensive. Both Stephen and Micah (my roommates) are heavy smokers, and they keep complaining about how expensive it is to smoke there. Stephen said he was fed up and began rolling the cigarettes himself. It sounds like a financially responsible man, yet he still goes to Webster Hall every night and never works. I wonder how he pays the rent?

So the senior students tell me that for us to become better actors we must first learn to be no one ourselves. So we are doing a small-scale play with everyone involved, and we all have to help cut our uniform from this giant roll they had sent to us from rollerdie.com. It’s amazing to see so much material for so many people in such a small place. But we all had to dress up in the same clothes and sit in a circle.

When we were in the circle, all of us looking the same except for our faces, we had to all say who we were and what thing had we done to make us get to where we are. Everyone had some pretty big answers. Some of them talking about how they want to change the world, how they felt they were born to do it. I just like pretending to be other people because I think it is a fantastic hobby for everyone to share. When it came to my turn to answer my question, I of course brought up my star performance.

33235219 - an stage lit by an array of spotlights on a dark background

“I am here because I played Hamlet and I loved it so much that I want to more roles like it.” The teacher had this big smile spread across his face. He too was wearing the clothes we all were wearing. He looks over, his Adam’s apple pulsing as he spoke: “Who else here has played Hamlet?” Most of the class raised their hands. I guess I have become no one.

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Emigrating to the U.S.A.

Army Demonstration...The Iranian Islamic Republic Army demonstrates in solidarity with people in the street during the Iranian revolution. They are carrying posters of the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian religious and political leader. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale to Persian parents. My parents emigrated from Iran after the revolution and they decided it would be best for us to be as far away from Iran as possible. We first moved in with my aunt and uncle because we didn’t have anywhere else to go. My father and mother both spoke very basic English. My father became a taxi driver and on the weekends he worked in a restaurant. My mother worked in a bakery and we went to public school. My Dad sold the house we had in Iran and used the money as a downpayment for a house in Fort Lauderdale. My brother, sister and I loved the new home, but we still felt like outsiders. My brother, Kamran, was thirteen at the time, my sister, Nousha, was eleven. I was only eight years old at the time. Oh, and I’m Afshin by the way.

5244_1We had a tutor who would come to our house and teach us all English. We were all put a year behind because we didn’t speak much English. I caught on the quickest because I used to watch a lot of western cartoons when we were in Iran. We would watch a lot of movies so that we could grasp the language. And a year in, we all were learning quite well. My brother was part of the soccer team at school. My sister became a mathlete. And I just lingered around. I didn’t find my place until I was twelve. I starred in a play at school. I was Hamlet. And that was where I found my passion. I wanted to be an actor. My parents laughed when I first told them because they didn’t think it was a practical job to have. And I told them well we came to America because we all had a dream and this was mine. My brother scoffed and said that it would only be a dream

actor+on+stageI fought hard and practiced accents and different roles in my room all the time. I was adamant that I was going to be an actor. I also started writing. I first wrote poetry for a class assignment, and I found that I really enjoyed it. I moved from writing poetry to writing fan fiction of TV shows that I was watching like  or even the soap operas my Mom watched. I entered a poetry competition at school when I was in my freshman year of high school. I won the competition and I was asked to read my poem at the talent show. I decided that it was going to be more than just a poem. It was going to be my soliloquy. My parents came to the show and they waited for me to show up. The lights turned off and there was only one stage light on. I walked right into it and performed. I got a standing ovation and even my parents were proud to see me perform and they were even prouder that I had written the piece myself.

Once I graduated high school, I decided to move to NYU to study theater. My brother had gotten a full scholarship to Florida State University, and my sister got into Stanford. She was obviously the parents’ favorite for that very reason. My parents hired Top Notch Movers to help me move out of Fort Lauderdale and they wished me luck. And so, I am off and spreading my wings to try my hand at acting.

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