Gum on my Shoe.

Hey again, so me and Micah have been up to a lot lately, working hard making sure that we are up to snuff with memorizations and getting the lines down by rote and all that stuff. Not brokeback mountainIt’s fun; I think I’m in a good place. We can separate some money to go drinking every once in a while and he’s reminding me why I love being here. To be somebody else, it’s just so refreshing to take a moment and try to empathize with people who are not you. It makes a radical change to the way you view the world when you can step outside of yourself for just one moment and pretend to be someone else.

Things are going well between my mother and my father; they are getting ready to relocate somewhere north of where they are now, one of the suburbs or something like that. They were telling me about how really helped them make the move super easy. I and my brother were concerned because we know my dad isn’t in the best of shape to be moving anything more than himself right now, so it’s nice that they were able to hire a moving company.

My brother is doing great too; he’s been secretly sending me care packages, and it’s helped a lot. Trying to find a job up here while also being a full-time student is super hard. It’s hard to imagine how anybody would be able to do such a thing while fully giving themselves to the craft. Haven’t talked to my sister in a while which isn’t surprising really. She’s off in her world doing her own thing at this point. New York will do that to you.

I haven’t talked to Stephen in a while. He and Michelle seem to be really happy with each other. It hurts a little bit, but you know it kinda ties back into what I was saying earlier. It’s nice to step out and see it for what it is. They’re happy together, and I care about both of them. I shouldn’t try and be possessive about the two of them; they’re my friends above anything else, and I think we should all learn to forgive. Now if only I can convince Micah of that too. He still seems pretty torn up about it, but he was raised differently is all, some things are unshakeable I suppose.

I’m making great progress in school; I’m working on this play called ‘Proof.’ Me memorizing stuffApparently, it’s about math, but I wouldn’t believe such a thing is reading it, it doesn’t seem to be about math at all. But it’s pretty cool; I think the main character is crazy, but Micah seems convinced that the girl’s father came back from the dead. I don’t know; it’s pretty crazy, though. I have a kissing scene with one of my classmates; it shouldn’t be a big deal, but everyone in the class is making it seem like it is. Come on guys; it’s just lips on lips, not a big deal.

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