Living in Paradise!

Things are going great between the mysterious lady and me! We have been going out to all these low budget places together. We’ve gone through the Staten Island ferry which was awesome because we accidentally passed the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to see a Shakespeare in the Park performance.

Strangely accurate about how I feel to shakespeare!
Strangely accurate about how I feel to Shakespeare!

But more importantly, we were waiting in line for a few hours, and she fell asleep on my shoulder. She’s amazing.

Stephen and Micah got in a fight about something, and they aren’t talking to me about it for some reason. Micah has just told me that we should go out and get a drink, so we are going to be doing that tonight, I don’t know, it seems a little too high school for me. When I asked Stephen about it, he just offered me smoke and said: “Doesn’t matter man, we’re brothers, Micah will come around.” For actors, they sure can be dramatic.

It’s weird because when I’m not with them, I’m with my lady friend and things are cool, we’re slowly making our way through The Office, which show is crazy funny. I love all the antics that happen on the show; we’ve started to take up the same space slowly. I went ahead and gave her a key to the room; sometimes I’ll get in there, and she’ll be watching an episode without me!

My parents recently called me talking about how my father was trying to cook bacon of all things (I don’t think they’re allowed to eat bacon) and how he accidentally cause a grease fire, so they had to extinguish the flames, and they’re smoke alarm didn’t even go off! What is going on in that house?! So my sister did some research on them and got them set up with this company that specializes in fire alarms and security systems. Fire Alarms!My dad kept bragging about what a great deal it was and what a great package they had found. My mother was more intent on trying to ask me about how my day was going and who I went on a date with and if I’m eating well, I look peckish on my Facebook posts, I’m fine mom, I know you’re reading this.

Things have been going well in school. They have us picking scenes from movies to be doing so I took one from this movie, there’s a great scene that Stephen wants to do with me, and I’ve never done a scene with him before. The movie is called “the vicious kind” and he told me not to watch it, just take the scene for its value. So that’s cool, I’m going to listen to him.

Outside of that, it’s been pretty great so far. They have us doing yoga classes, dance classes; I got to pick up a sword in stage combat. It’s been a crazy amount of stuff in what seems like such a small amount of time. But you know what they say about this city, if you’re not on the move, you’re not moving fast enough!

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