New days in a New Place

Some of my first days in the big city. So far I’ve met a few good friends that I think I will get to enjoy their company. They love my name and often ask me about what life was like in Iran. I tell them if they’ve seen the movie Persepolis, then they surely know what it is like. Some of them have! Which was very surprising to me. I never knew that so many people would have seen foreign films.

It’s a good thing that I decided to go to acting school because for every one man I meet there are three girls! It is so cool to meet so many people from so many different places too. Most of the women here have told me that they are from Nebraska or Illinois. Most of them have never even seen the beach before! We all decided to get to know each other we would all go down to Bleecker Street Pizza because it is supposed to be the best pizza in New York (we will see….) There’s someone that I like a lot; I won’t name names in case she finds out I have this blog!

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I should have looked up the prices to things before I moved up here, I would have brought everything with me! It’s true what they say about New York “Twenties are ones here.” Everything is so expensive. Both Stephen and Micah (my roommates) are heavy smokers, and they keep complaining about how expensive it is to smoke there. Stephen said he was fed up and began rolling the cigarettes himself. It sounds like a financially responsible man, yet he still goes to Webster Hall every night and never works. I wonder how he pays the rent?

So the senior students tell me that for us to become better actors we must first learn to be no one ourselves. So we are doing a small-scale play with everyone involved, and we all have to help cut our uniform from this giant roll they had sent to us from It’s amazing to see so much material for so many people in such a small place. But we all had to dress up in the same clothes and sit in a circle.

When we were in the circle, all of us looking the same except for our faces, we had to all say who we were and what thing had we done to make us get to where we are. Everyone had some pretty big answers. Some of them talking about how they want to change the world, how they felt they were born to do it. I just like pretending to be other people because I think it is a fantastic hobby for everyone to share. When it came to my turn to answer my question, I of course brought up my star performance.

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“I am here because I played Hamlet and I loved it so much that I want to more roles like it.” The teacher had this big smile spread across his face. He too was wearing the clothes we all were wearing. He looks over, his Adam’s apple pulsing as he spoke: “Who else here has played Hamlet?” Most of the class raised their hands. I guess I have become no one.

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