Tonight is the Night!

Today was great in class. Apparently, I gave such a convincing performance that I made one of my classmate’s cries! It was great up until I found out that she was just unable to handle it because I reminded her of her friend who died when she was growing up. So…. good for me? I don’t know man, some of these actor types are crazy. Except for Micah, Stephen yeah, that guy smokes way too much to be happy.

Speaking of Stephen. Apparently, the guy got a job managing a club, who puts Stephen in charge of anything?! I swear if that guy weren’t such a sweet talker I wouldn’t believe he was able to do anything correctly. Micah spends his weekends on street corners with his guitar doing acoustic covers of pop songs on the radio. He wishes I'd post his pictureSo far he hasn’t been served with a cease so good for him. Maybe one day he can make it big on accident like all the other professionals. I need to find a job.

So my parents happened to have their air conditioning crap out on them. They called me every day to tell me about how hot it is until the guys from helped them by installing a new air conditioning unit. Now they call me to tell me about how cold it is; it’s like they’re living in New York. I just keep screaming into the phone “That’s not how the weather works mom!” Then I sneak in an I love you and thanks for letting me live in new York.

So we had our first out of class assignment today. We were told to buy a notebook (the pain) and go to a park or a public space and ‘people watch.’ This is where you just watch people doing people things, but then you write it down so that you can assimilate them into a role that you need to do. So I know that we are going to do Richard the third sometime in the future, so I’ve been making a note to watch people with broken legs. It made me feel bad; I felt like I was exploiting them in some way. But, it’s supposed to help make my job easier when I’m in the classroom, so that’s cool I guess.

Yeah, that pretty much covers everything… oh…. you want to know how the date went? Well, I supposed I can divulge that she kissed me! Or I kissed her; we kissed each other! It was great, we went to this subtle cafe called Cafe Lalo, and we had this little cup of coffee and a couple of pieces of pie together.Coffee and Cake I dressed up as fancy as I could even though I totally had mac and cheese for dinner and did not feel very fancy myself. But then we just kept talking and talking until somebody bumped me and suggested I move. Then we went outside, stood underneath a lamp post, held each other in our arms, and we kissed. Oh yeah!

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