Walked out of Carlyle, ended up in Miami!

Hellooooooo Miami! I’m back home (sort of) for the weekend! My parents wanted to see me and talk to me about how my classes are going, but they booked the wrong flight! I should be north of Orlando, but instead, I’m in Miami! (For those of you not in the know, Miami is like 5 hours south of Orlando.) AwesomeSo luckily, I sweet talked my parents into letting me stay down here for the night, and they got me a fancy rental from http://royalstaysmiami.com/ ! Now who gets to be the spoiled child?! …. For one night but still.

Only down side is that apparently, I’m going to miss seeing my sister. She must be in magic school because on Friday she was in New York and now she’s in Florida and no one knows how. Good for her, being able to travel so much on such a modest budget. Certainly there’s no way that she can share the wealth with me.

My brother offered me a job for when I get out of acting school, and it is such a sharp question. I know that right now any source of steady income sounds like an absolute miracle. But at the same time, I don’t want to move to the middle of nowhere, everyone agrees it’s either Los Angeles or New York. There is no in between. I mean technically South Florida has some stuff going on, but that doesn’t count.

I don’t know; it’s hard to say that when right now I’m lying in a king sized bed with the most sheets and blankets I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve got like 28 dollars (somewhere around there), and I am going to burn it all tonight, I’m going to one club and buying a bottle of water, and I’m going just to lose my mind! I get to be in Miami for the night, unsupervised, anything could happen. I have a friend I grew up with who tells me that he is going to Club Space tonight and that he’d buy me a drink if I came to hang out. He seems pretty cool, grew up to be a hyped up kind of guy like Flavor Flav.

In other news, I did bring my books, and I should probably study some of these plays tonight. I don’t want to do poorly on my midterms coming up. I have to memorize and choreograph a speech from Hamlet. But it’s got nothing to do with Hamlet. It has everything to do with actors and acting. It’s called ‘speak the speech’ and apparently, it’s pretty famous. I am just god awful at Shakespeare is all. Like seriously, I suck at doing the whole blank verse thing. I wish it were just blank instead.

I am getting texts from Michelle and Stephen. Just another face in a crowdApparently, Michelle got her heart broken and wants to hang out. Apparently, Stephen is bored now and wants to hang out. Not sure how to take the whole ordeal, I’m just going to enjoy my night and deal with that whole mess of crazy when I get back. Instead, let me enjoy this mess of crazy. I’m out of here.

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